As leaders in commercial and residential light gauge steel framing in New Zealand, Steel Rite Framing ensures that we work with respectable and trustworthy partners. We are very proud of the associates we work alongside and attribute a portion of our success to our connections and collaborations.

Before we partner up with a specific brand or business, we do extensive research to ensure that they are the right fit for us and the team at Steel Rite Framing. Our software, technology and equipment are all supplied by leading brands in the industry. We partner with the best so that we can always offer our clients the very best.

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80 Structures is a highly professional company, providing design services for prefabricated cold formed steel structures that are easy to build, cost effective, accurate and optimized for manufacturing. This is more than a job to us; it is our passion!

80 Structures is a family-owned business, based in Auckland, established by two structural engineers: Andrada and Tibor. We’ve been providing professional steel design services for New Zealand, Australia, and Europe for the past 4 years. We are specialised in the Framecad design and manufacturing system. Our designs include residential buildings, town house projects, multi storey buildings, transportable modules, tiny houses, and anything else in between.

We understand the unique requirements of building with cold formed steel while running a manufacturing facility and design office at the same time. We’ve done it for over 8 years in Europe, before choosing New Zealand to be our home.

What Makes Us Good

14 years’ experience in steel design and detailing,

8 years’ experience in cold formed steel manufacturing,

All framing is designed and detailed by structural engineers,

3 years’ experience in software development – Framecad NZ,

3 years’ experience in customer support and software training – Framecad NZ.

Our customers recognise us as the true specialists in the industry and use our services to win more work and to outperform their competitors.