Steel Frame Technology

Here at Steel Rite Framing, we are experts in light steel framing in Auckland. Over the past few years, we have gone from strength to strength thanks to our top-quality services and precise steel frame products. One of the reasons why we are able to provide such high levels of customer satisfaction is that we use the most advanced software and technology on the market.

All the steel frames and components that we produce are designed and engineered using highly innovative software that has been provided by the roll-former manufacturer. This cutting-edge technology ensures cohesive communication between design and manufacturing processes and that our steel frames come out exactly as we intend.

Save Time Through Innovative Optimisation

When it comes to any sort of construction project, whether it be residential or commercial, staying on top of your timeline is always important. There is nothing worse than having to wait for a certain component before you can begin the next stage of the project. Through our innovative technology, we’re able to design the light steel framing system that you need in a timely and efficient manner.

as a whole

The FRAMECAD Solution

The world-leading FRAMECAD system is an end-to-end integrated solution that is design-led using powerful software and advanced manufacturing roll-forming equipment. This design and build methodology is all about rapid construction at a reduced cost. Productivity efficiencies are increased and the overall return on investment is greater. 

Cold formed steel frames, trusses and joists are easily produced and ready for on-site or off-site assembly with minimal waste.

Find out more information about the design-led process, FRAMECAD software and manufacturing systems.

We Specialise In
Cold-Formed Light Gauge Steel Framing

Our software is used specifically for the design and engineering of cold-formed light gauge steel framing, which has a wide range of benefits for construction.